Gary Pinns - named a "Top Teacher in America" by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine

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Golf Swing Mastery is a rapid golf swing development learning program. It combines learning the proven technique that has worked for the best ball strikers of all time, with the training of that technique, one piece at a time, until it is cemented into your instinctive muscle memory.

In as little as 10 minutes per day you can permanently imprint the fundamental motions required to hit the ball long and straight.
Learning is a start, but "doing" is what matters! Start playing your best golf today with Golf Swing Mastery.


“I'd highly recommend Gary Pinns to anyone who wants to learn the game.”

TOM LEHMAN - British Open Champion & Ryder Cup Captain

“Gary was my college teammate at Wake Forest. He understands the swing in great depth. He helped me win and will help you too!”

Gary Hallberg - 5 Time PGA Tour Winner

“I dropped my handicap from a 12 to a 4 this summer, just by using your Golf Swing Mastery system!”

Manning Widener

“The Golf Swing Mastery system did more for me in 30 days than all the experiences I’ve had from all other teachers. The simplicity and quality of the video instruction allowed me to quickly absorb and execute the fundamentals, resulting in significantly lowering my scores.”

Tony Barrett - VP to Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

Golf Swing Mastery: 30-Day Online Mastery Program



Learn and train the optimal technique for a powerful and accurate golf swing through this series of daily online golf lessons.

Hit It Farther & Straighter

Would you like to hit the ball farther and straighter? Are you tired of trying every "tip" and "fix" in the book with no lasting improvements to you game? Do you want to get better even though you don't have time to go to the driving range several times each week? If yes, then Golf Swing Mastery - Online Golf Lessons by Gary Pinns is for you!