“I'd highly recommend Gary Pinns to anyone who wants to learn the game.”

Tom Lehman - Ryder Cup Captain

“Gary's instruction is understandable and doable!”

Bill Shean - US Senior Amateur Champ

“Even though I have never met you… I dropped my handicap from a 12 to a 4 this summer, just by following your GSM System!”

Manning Widener

“Gary was my college roommate and understands the swing in great depth. He helped me win and will help you, too!”

Gary Hallberg - 5 PGA Tour Wins

“Thanks Gary! We just won the NCAA D1 Championship and I finished 3rd!”

Rob Grube - Stanford All-American

““This guy is brilliant. I just purchased his 30 day program which contains both an easy drill approach or a sophisticated explanation for a golf swing that delivers the club face with a stable release (square at impact) for a predictable ball flight. In two weeks I am striking the ball better and longer than I ever have and that says a lot for someone who has golfed for over 3 decades. Well done Gary.””

Anthony Campagna

““The “Golf Swing Mastery” system did more for me in 30 days than all the experiences I’ve had from all other teachers. The simplicity and quality of the video instruction from Gary has allowed me to quickly absorb and execute the fundamentals of the “GSM” system, resulting in significantly lowering my scores.” ”

Tony Barrett, VP to Steve Jobs at Apple

““You took me from a player who never won a college tournament to the PGA Tour! What you taught me really made the difference!” ”

Jim Estes - PGA Tour

““I consider myself a student of the game.. have read all the major instruction works.. Gary.. This is a masterpiece!””

Tim Malloy

““This is undoubtedly the best instruction I have ever encountered… Even better then Ben Hogan’s 5 Fundamentals!””

John Tarullo


 "I'd highly recommend Gary Pinns to anyone who would like to learn the game!"

TOM LEHMAN - Ryder Cup Captain

1996 British Open Champion


John Perna - The Players Service

 "Gary's instruction is understandable and doable"

Bill Shean - US Senior Amateur Champion

BILL SHEAN - US Senior Amateur Champion

Manning Widener - 12 Handicap to 4  - 2 Months

Gary's really helped me... he can help you too!

Gary Hallberg - 5 Time PGA Tour Winner

Tony Barrett - VP to Steve Jobs - Apple Computers - 17 years:

I really want to help promote this Golf Swing Mastery video system because it is profoundly simple. The quality and sequence in the instruction is masterful and elegant. The “Golf Swing Mastery” system did more for me in 30 days than all the experiences I’ve had from all other teachers. The simplicity and quality of the video instruction from Gary has allowed me to quickly absorb and execute the fundamentals of the “GSM” system, resulting in significantly lowering my scores. It is a system that works whether you’re a 36 handicap or 2 handicap. If you are a beginner, it will help you develop a sound, repeatable swing from scratch and if you are a low handicapper you can tweak what’s needed with the “Fast Track” section of the program.

I’m also pleased to endorse the production quality of Gary’s training system. I worked at Apple for 17 years and my team developed many global training programs and I have first hand understanding about video based training content. Gary’s content follows all the best practices and principles around each learning objective just like we did at Apple. Each of the modules builds upon the previous one and reinforces the master concepts all along the way. Gary is NOT providing any compensation to me for this and I think it’s important to call out outstanding production value, along with his fantastic experience of golf instruction. Do yourself and the golfer you love a big favor……..get the Golf Swing Mastery system ASAP!


Joe Stangarone - Adds 30 Yards in One Lesson!

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Dan Steinman - Wins 6 of 22 tournaments!

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